Exercism Setup

Exercisms are a great way to get more reps in with a coding language that you’re already comfortable with or a great way to learn a new one! Here’s how you get setup.

  • Visit exercism.io. In the top right corner, click “Log in with Github” and follow the authentication steps.
  • In your terminal, install jasmine-node (a javascript testing suite): npm install jasmine-node -g
  • In your terminal, using brew, install the exercism CLI: brew install exercism
  • Verify that it was installed properly by running: exercism --version (If there was a problem you will get an error message saying command not found.)
  • Go back to your exercism account online, under your profile, in “API Key”, you will find a configuration command that you need to type into your terminal. Copy that command and paste it into your terminal.
  • In your terminal, navigate to the exercism directory: cd exercism
  • Now type exercism fetch javascript
  • Now type cd javascript
  • Now type cd hello-world
  • Now type jasmine-node .
  • Success looks like this in your terminal:


  1) Hello World says hello world with no name
     Expected undefined to equal 'Hello, World!'.
     Error: Expected undefined to equal 'Hello, World!'.
    at .<anonymous> (/Users/breethomas/exercism/javascript/hello-world/hello-world.spec.js:7:34)

Finished in 0.01 seconds
1 test, 1 assertion, 1 failure, 0 skipped
  • If you get anything else, let an instructor know and we’ll come trouble-shoot.
  • If you are successful, cd back to your root directory: cd ~

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