Personal Goal Setting


By the end of this session, you will:

  • Have identified real, achievable goals to work towards during your time at Turing

Writing Time

We’ll start this session by taking 10 minutes to write. We’ll cover two areas of focus during this time:

About You

You’ll start by writing about why you came to Turing, and what you think your greatest challenges will be.

Things to consider:

  • What about Turing appealed to you?
  • Why programming?
  • If this is a career change for you, what drove you to make this change?
Goal Writing

Once you’ve gotten these ideas written out, write two sets of goals:

  • The first around what you hope to get from your time at Turing (i.e. I want to learn by teaching so I will volunteer as a TA at Girl Develop It workshops)

  • The second around your biggest challenges to help you strategize how to tackle them head-on (i.e. I’m bad at staying organized so every Sunday I’ll schedule a half hour to plan my week ahead)

Refine Goals in Small Groups

We’ll break into small groups and share the results of our individual writing time, helping each other clarify and refine our goals.

Keep in mind that goals are personal. Conversations around your peer’s goals should be respectful. Take this opportunity to learn about your classmates and understand them better.

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