PR Practice


In this repo you will find your name. It is your job to answer the given question. Place your answer next to your name by making a Pull Request on this lesson plan.

How To PR:

Version 1: Directly On Github

  • Click on the small pencil icon on this page on the upper right hand corner that says Edit This File (make sure you’re looking at the file you want to edit)
  • Make your changes
  • Scroll down to the Commit Changes section.
    • The first input field is for the COMMIT MESSAGE. This is what will show up in the commit history when the PR is merged.
    • The second input field is for the BODY of the commit message. This is where you add additional information that provides important details for future developers.

    Example: (commit message): Edit timeline of lesson plan structure (body): Previously the lesson was scheduled to be 3 hours but we have cut it down to 2 so we have extra time for questions

  • Click Propose File Change
  • You are now looking at the Pull Request template - your commit message is automatically rendered in the title of the PR. Add a bit of detail to give a comprehensive title associated with the issue. For the above example: Update timeline with longer lesson plan.
  • In the body, include a detailed report of why you are making this change, and any important details regarding the process you used. Ie: @louisa This PR modifies the lesson plans length from 3 hours to 2. Approved by @johnsnow. (notice you can tag users so they are notified of the PR directly)
  • Click Create Pull Request.
  • Click on the above tab that says “Pull Requests” - you should see your PR in that list.



What was your weirdest job?

  • Adam Mescher: Delivery driver for a junk yard
  • Alex Banister: Either all my jobs have been weird or none of them. I can’t tell.
  • Lola Brenner: florist
  • Amy Holt: Selling books door to door
  • Ben Porter: Working at food service in a hospital.
  • David Ryan: Comcast Technician - The things I’ve seen
  • Rufus Welsh:
  • Erik Ingvalson: Dancing Pickle
  • Francy Lang: Bread Bakery Delivery Driver
  • Jacob Boutin: harvested liquid dinosaurs
  • Jason Hughes: Medieval Times entertainment department
  • Jennifer Woodson: milking goats
  • John Michael Boudreaux: building scaffold in a small town for three nights.
  • Jorge Perez Garcia: I served shots shirtless at X bar
  • Lucas Finney: From the ages of 8-15 I worked in a chocolate store that my aunt managed during the holidays putting together bulk business orders for holiday parties, which mostly included making hundreds upon hundreds of chocolate dipped fruits.
  • Matthew Arvidson: Working in a Dunk Tank Booth getting Dunked.
  • Matt Renn: Hemp Farmer or Cheesesteak Delivery Driver Camp Councelor
  • Michael Marlow:
  • Nick Teets: Skinning buffalo skulls
  • Robbie Greiner: making pizza and running laser tag..
  • Samuel Singer: Cart Pusher

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