Syllabus Weekly Detail

Weekly Detail

This is a breakdown of your classes and assignments per each of the six weeks of Mod 1. Please NOTE: this serves as a helpful overview regarding the flow and cadence of content. It is NOT intended as a detailed schedule. Classes can be added and/or moved around. You should refer to the daily outlines for confirmed daily schedule and expectations of materials and assignments.

WK 1: Hello Turing! Hello Front End Engineering!

Mindset We are a team. This week is about building trust with one another.
Lessons Computer Setup   Terminal   HTML I   Accessibility   HTML II   Intro CSS   JS I
Assignment Establish a routine. Set healthy study habits early. Write code everyday.

WK 2: Putting the Pieces Together

Mindset Open, optimistic, invested.
Lessons JS II   JS III   Intro Git & Github   Unit Testing   JS Foundations Exercises   Design I
Practice AIM TO BE FINISHED BY: Tue 8/21 ~ Dog Party Static Comp
Assignment EVAL: Thu 8/23 ~ Number Guesser

WK 3: Level Up

Mindset Dig Deep, show grit, be vocal, be resourceful.
Lessons JS IV   jQuery   Intro Responsive   Event Bubbling & Delegation   Flexbox   Responsive Unicorn   Design II
Assignment EVAL: Wed 8/29 ~ Mid Mock Assessment
Assignment EVAL: Thu 8/30 ~ Linked List

WK 4: Build on a Solid Foundation

Mindset Self-driven, self-aware, personal and interpersonal responsibility.
Lessons JSON & Local Storage   Array Prototypes   Grid   CSS Jigsaw   Design III
Assignment DUE: Wed 9/5 ~ Static Comp Challenge #1 by 8:00 AM
Assignment EVAL: Thu 9/6 ~ Ideabox
Assignment DUE: Fri 9/7 ~ Mythical Creatures

WK 5: Practice for Proficiency in the Fundamentals

Mindset Brave, supportive, can-do-attitude.
Lessons Breakout Groups, Worktime & Study/Review for Quadrathlon, Design IV
Assignment DUE: Tue 9/11 ~ Static Comp Challenge #2 by 8:00 AM
Assignment DUE: Thu 9/13 ~ Lightning Talk
Assignment EVAL: Thu 9/13 ~ ToDoBox

WK 6: Mastery of Module

Mindset Independent, confident problem solver, successful team member.
Lessons N/A Final Assessment Week
Pentathlon EVAL: Mon 9/17 DOM Challenge I
Pentathlon EVAL: Tue 9/18 ~ Vanilla JS Logic Challenge II
Pentathlon EVAL: Wed 9/19 ~ Static Comp Challenge #3
Pentathlon EVAL: Thu 9/20 ~ Portfolio Defense

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