Refactoring Guidelines

Look over code and get a feel for the organization of the entire project.

Start at the root index.js and move through it’s dependencies.

You might find it useful to draw a dependancy tree of the files and how they relate to each other.

After you have a general idea of how the project is organized, start at the root index.js and go through the code again. This time write comments where you see potential areas for improvement.

Things we are looking for…

  • Code in the wrong place, stuff that should be done in a different class / file.
  • Repetitive code that should be functions
  • long if/else statements that could be moved to a map/config
  • long if/else statements that could be moved into a loop
  • hardcoded strings/numbers that can be moved into variables

After every change you make, run your tests and run the program to make sure everything still works.

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