Intro to Progressive Web Apps

What is a Progressive Web App?

a web application intended to look, feel and behave like a native application

Take a look at the apps on your phone - think about how you use them and how they behave.

How are they similar to web apps? How are they different?
(10-15 mins)

Why the push towards PWAs?

  • modern-day platforms all have the web in common already
  • pouring effort into making the web more robust reduces the amount of time, money and effort that goes into creating cross-platform applications

Characteristics of a PWA

  • responsive design
  • performant on slower network speeds
  • installable and launchable from the home screen
  • all content served over HTTPS
  • provides some form of offline experience

Auditing PWAs in Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an automated tool for improving the quality of your webpages in multiple areas

It can be installed as a chrome extension, node module, or used from the command line