Setting Up Sass Locally

Sass will watch for any files with a .scss or .sass extension and compile them into .css files for you.

You should continue reading if…

  • You have a basic html/css/js structure
  • You have NOT integrated node, webpack, or other fancy package managers (they have their own set up rules)

Verify That You Have Ruby

The most common way to install Sass is by using Ruby.

If you are on a mac, your computer comes with the Ruby programming language ready to go.

You can verify this by typing ruby -v in your terminal.

You should see an output like ruby 2.3.0p0, indicating the version you currently have installed. If you see something else, go find documentation on how to install Ruby.

Install Sass

In the terminal, install Sass locally with the command gem install sass. (You might need to write sudo gem install sass).
You should see a bunch of output, with 1 gem installed somewhere in there.

Put Sass to Work

Tell Sass to watch for any changes to .sass or .scss files in a certain directory with this command:

sass --watch path/to/targe-directory

Example: sass --watch ~/my_project/lib/styles. This will watch that directory.

If there is an existing .scss file it will automatically compile it into .css for you, and continuously re-compile any time a change is made.

If there are no existing files, it will wait until you create a .scss file and then immediately compile it to .css.

After running the watch command, you’ll see an outut similar to this:

sass --watch ~/project/lib/styles
>>> Sass is watching for changes. Press Ctrl-C to stop.

If I then create a .scss file I will see this:

touch test/styles.scss
>>> New template detected: test/styles.scss
    write /Users/brennamartenson/test/styles.css
    write /Users/brennamartenson/test/

Notice how .css files are created automatically.

What if I want to keep the .scss files and .css files in different directories?

That’s cool. Run this version of the watch command:

sass --watch ~/scss-temp-folder:~/project/lib/styles

This is saying to watch for any changes or creation of .scss files in ~/scss-temp-folder, but compile and save the .css files in ~/project/lib/styles instead.

To Watch A Specific File

If you only care about a particular file, not an entire directory, simply specify that file in the watch command.

sass --watch ~/project/lib/styles/variables.scss

Happy Sassing.