Module Four

Mod 4 Scope & Sequence

This module is focused on synthesizing everything you’ve learned from the program and creating actionable steps to have a successful job search. The following sessions will give you the tools to get there:

Overcoming Job Search Impostor’s Syndrome

Using your completed Flower Exercise, you will pull your top three priorities for your job search. But knowing those priorities is not the only part of a successful job search – we also need to create a plan for what to do when the search gets tough. As a cohort, you’ll discuss what apprehensions you have in regards to searching for a job and create action steps to overcome them. You’ll also create a support system for each other as you start your last module together.


So few people negotiate comfortably or even try. Negotiation is an important part in growing your career. Let’s talk about how to negotiate with confidence and respect to ensure you’re appropriately advocating for your value.

Writing a Blog Post & Peer Review

The final back end project is Scale Up in which you can explore new technologies and contribute code to different projects. It is a project designed to help you solidify what you know and explore new interests. Writing about what you learn is a best practice in communicating what you know as a dev and broadening your audience in the tech. community. In this session, we’ll dive into strategies for writing an effective blog post and revision techniques to use as you review each other’s posts.