Module One

Mod 1 Scope & Sequence

Professional development in Module One is focused on the fundamentals of building a career as a developer. These foundations are set through four sessions:

Personal Branding I

Who are you? How did you get here? Learning how to tell your story is important for successfully conveying how you’ll contribute to a team. Think about how you’d like to contribute your prior experience and career to the tech community. How would you like to use your skills as a software developer? In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to tell your story through different channels – software teams, resume, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Github – and how these tie together to support your job search.

Learning to Pair

Building on your abilities to explain your strengths and aspirations in Personal Branding, Learning to Pair provides you with tools to be successful in pair programming. At Turing, we emphasize pair and team programming as it is an industry norm. In this session, you’ll learn how to communicate with each other and define your working relationships with pairs, discuss strategies for how to hold each other accountable to these expectations, and how to address broken expectations. Understanding how to successfully work in teams is crucial to being a successful developer.

Feedback I

In this session, we’ll continue building competencies in pairing by discussing and creating a feedback loop. Giving and receiving feedback effectively is difficult – emotions run high and it can be hard to process what’s said. Discussing our possible triggers to feedback is the first step in raising awareness of these reactions when they’re happening. Following that, we’ll dive into the three types of feedback, when they’re needed, and how to solicit them. We’ll discuss a framework for how to successfully have a feedback conversation, culminating in an understanding of how to move forward with your personal improvement.

Personal Branding II

Using the lessons learned of how you work best and how to communicate that with your teams, this session provides you with the tools to assess your personal branding collateral. You’ll analyze how your story is received across different mediums, where it needs improvement, and how it can be tied together with your personal site.