Module Three

Mod 3 Scope & Sequence

This module is all about application. Continue to dive into your own story – what do you want in this career? What is important to you? And use this knowledge to develop your own projects and drive strategies in the job search. The sessions in this module will enable you to take ownership of your learning and career path:

Flower Exercise

In this session, we’ll discuss 7 different aspects of your personality, goals, and preferences using a tried and true method from What Color is Your Parachute? a premier job-searching handbook. By looking inward at each of these “petals” of yourself, you will be able to define what is important to you in the job search to find a job that is the right fit for you.

Job Search Strategies

It’s easy to procrastinate the job search. In order to keep it on track, it is important to build out a realistic strategy and timeline for how you will conduct your search.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Does the idea of creativity intimidate you? Do personal projects feel daunting? In this session, we’ll sprint through a step-by-step framework designed to cultivate ideas to solve problems. This framework will lead us to a pitch for your personal project.


The interview process for a Software Developer role is a bit different than a traditional interview. It’s essential to know when to say you don’t know how to do something, feel comfortable whiteboarding upon request, and be confident in your skills and abilities. In this workshop, we’ll prep you for that and more in a Q & A practice session with a mentor.