Module Two

Mod 2 Scope & Sequence

Building on the competencies of successful teamwork and personal growth of Module One, professional development in Module Two focuses on intentional communication. These sessions hone in on communicating well in software teams as well as communicating with potential employers and members of the technology community.

Finding Opportunities

Looking for jobs on sites like, Indeed, and other career listing sites can be discouraging and ineffective. Let’s talk about how to find a job without relying on your resume or job postings.

Collaborative Communication (BEE)

Prepare for your first team project creating goals around leadership and project management practices. Create a system to take risks and navigate failures as a team.

Agiles Practices & Project Management (FEE)

Dive into agile practices to find strategies to effectively manage projects with team members and through different iterations. Discover how to use leadership in different ways, create a risk-taking system, and learn how to navigate failure as a team.

Feedback II

Using feedback from past team members, reflect on blind spots you might have in your behavior and use the right/wrong spotting technique to analyze how to effectively use feedback for your own improvement.

Cold Outreach

Use your knowledge of the industry from research you conducted in Finding Opportunities to begin building relationships with potential connections in the tech. industry.


Few people like the idea of networking; however, building relationships with people will impact the success of a healthy job search. Learn how to build the right relationships, what networking looks like for an introvert vs. an extrovert, and how to take turn a conversation into an interview.