BYOB Back-End Feature Checklist

  • At least 2 different tables with at least 1 relationship (one-to-many or many-to-many)
  • Postgresql database configured for development environment using knex
  • Data is seeded into the database
  • 4 GET endpoints
    • 2 GET endpoints for all of one resource (i.e. /api/v1/merchants)
    • 2 GET endpoints for a specific resource (i.e. /api/v1/merchants/:merchant_id)
  • 2 POST endpoints
  • 2 PUT or PATCH endpoints
  • 2 DELETE endpoints
  • A query parameter on at least one endpoint that acts as a filter on a resource (i.e. GET api/v1/merchants?areacode=80202, which would limit the results to merchants in the 80202 area code)
  • Postgresql database configured for test environment using knex
  • All endpoint happy paths are tested
    • Some endpoint happy paths are tested
    • No tests yet
  • All endpoint sad paths are tested
    • Some endpoint sad paths are tested
  • Documentation is written in repository README describing the API endpoints
  • Deployed to Heroku
  • TravisCI runs test suite
  • TravisCI automatically deploys to Heroku if test suite passes

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