Refacktor Track (tor)

Refacktor Track (tor)

The Project

The goals of the project are to:

  • Spend a week working at the pace and professionalism level or a software developer on the job
  • Professionally assess and fix the most critical bugs and code smells across mod 3 and mod 4 projects


Scheduled Refactoring Pairing

You must document having at least one pairing session or in person chat. Some options for folks you can pair with:

  • Meeka - available all week during the day, dm to schedule, focused on refactoring
  • Bree - available all week 7:30-9:00 a, dm to schedule, focused on UI/UX and professional advice
  • Jeff - available all week - usually 10:30 to 12:00, use or dm to schedule, focused on SQL, data science and professional advice
  • Brittany - available Monday to Wednesday, dm to schedule, focused on the ‘hard’ technical problems
  • Louisa - available all week on and off, dm to schedule, focused on design and UI/UX and having great hair

Don’t feel limited to these options, but these folks will be expecting you.

Tracking hours

Students will be expected to track their hours in Harvest on a daily basis. Aim to complete 8 working hours per work day (times are flexible). There are categories for self study, class time, professional development, etc.

Daily Stand Ups

You will be expected to attend and discuss where you are at with the team in a daily standup. We will hold our stand ups daily, before classes start in the afternoon, so come prepared to give examples and speak for at least 5 minutes about what you have accomplished.

You are required to attend standup or do a remote standup BEFORE standup time in our channel. Prioritize coffee dates and interviews, but otherwise please make an effort to attend in person.

Pull Requests

You will be expected to work in a pull request process on your code. All major work must be pull requested in to your repos. PRs that can be reviewed should be uploaded to the #refactor-track-tor channel.

It’s your code, so you do not have to wait for someone to ‘approve’ your PR before you merge it, but please be responsive and respectful towards any code reviews you receive.

You should expect to spend some time reviewing pull requests of others - a good metric is to plan to review 2 to 3 PRs over the week.


The exact code takeaway will be determined by the student, but there should be unique code produced as a part of this assignment.

There is no official quantity of work you need to accomplish. You are a developer and we trust you to understand your bandwidth this week.


Document the experience in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Recommendation - an informal blog post that you update daily which shows ‘a week in the life’ - documenting your week in as few words as is possible but with plenty of links

However you feel most comfortable keeping a running record of you week that could be shared is up to you. Could be a live tweeting of the week. Could be a gist. etc.


Show evidence of all work completed in a submission form for the project. Submission form is due Monday.

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