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These will be about 10-15 minutes long. Keep an eye on Slack so you know when you're up. We want to see how you're feeling and how you're doing. We can take a look at code, chat, or some combo of both.

Eval with David

Alex Bruce

Andrew James

Arram Mandel

Brian Tiedt

Brian Weikel

Chris Boylen

Dave Stonecipher

David Starr Dunn

Eval with Nathaniel

Gavin Love

Haley Jacobs

Jeremiah Stanley

Jesse McFadden

Joel O'Connor

Keeliana Marler

Kent Huntsman

Kevin Krom

Eval with Pam

Kylee Wellons

Laura Miller

Lee Graham

Marika Ross

Megan Haubelt

Spenser Leighton

Todd Ayres

Tory Dannenberg

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