Breaking Down a New Spec

Learning Goals

  • Talk through the process of tackling a new project
  • Review wireframing
  • Understand how to use project management tools

Getting Started

Projects will always be technically difficult, but tackling the technical challenges gets easier when you have a strong process. Our goal today is to break down and demonstrate that process.

Project Management Tools

There are a variety of PM tools available, and no one is better than the next. The key is determining will help you most effectively improve your workflow. So try out your options!

A few good starting points can be:

Our “new project”

Foto Finder

We’ll be tackling Foto Finder, an old mod 1 project. Our steps will be as follows:

  1. Read through the spec
  2. Put the requirements into a project management software
  3. Determine the goals for an MVP
  4. With our plan in mind, wireframe the HMTL to get our structure going

Structuring Project Boards

There are many ways to structure a project board. Software like Trello or GH Projects work by letting you organize cards into a series of columns. These columns can be used to set things up however you would like!

Cards may be made up of features, user stories, tasks, or all of the above!

Columns can be used to split these cards into a variety helpful categories. Some column types may include:

  • To Do
  • MVP
  • Icebox (nice to add, but not a priority)
  • Needs testing
  • Awaiting PR
  • Master

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