Submission Guide

Submission Guide

Below is a submission guide from your instructional team. All weekly due dates for the technical and professional development curricula are listed here, week-by-week. If you come across an error, please DM your instructors for clarfication.

Professional Development Resources

Deliverables by Week:

Week 1

  • Monday Technical:
    • Submit day one paired project deliverables (DTR, Wireframes, Project Board, Repo Link)

Week 2

  • Monday Career Development:
    • Write and upload resume to CV compiler
    • Upload Turing Alumni Portfolio draft
    • Make a copy of company research template
    • Answer career jounrla questions from week 1
  • Thursday Technical:
    • Have initial iterations of the paired project finished before pt 2 kick off

Week 3

  • Monday Career Development:
    • Write a cover letter for a company of interest
    • Get peer feedback on your cover letter
    • Give peer feedback on a cover letter
    • Complete career journal questions for week 2
  • Wednesday Technical:
    • Turn in group project with solo iterations by 9pm
  • Thursday Technical:
  • Mid Mods

Week 4:

  • Monday Career Development:
    • Make 1 network contact
    • Complete career journal questions for week 3
  • Monday Technical:
    • Submit day 1 deliverables for group project (MVP pitch, DTR, project board, wireframes, repo link)

Week 5:

  • Monday Career Development:
    • Complete job shadow
    • Complete career journal questions for week 4
  • Tuesday Technical:
    • Stretch group project due at 9pm
  • Wednesday Technical:
    • Submit solo project day 1 deliverables (MVP pitch, wireframes, project board)

Week 6:

  • Monday Technical:
    • Final solo projct due at 9pm
  • Tuesday Techncal:
    • Final assessment
  • Thursday Techincal:
    • Portfolio Presentations

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