Module 4 KickOff

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Module 4, students must complete each of the following:

80% Attendance

Students must notify instructors of any absences, and are required to make up any work missed during the time they were out. If missing class for an interview, students must record the interview questions they received and add them to this doc

Final Assessment

This will be week 6. The assessment will be similar to a take-home challenge you could see for an interview. Students must earn a score of 3 or greater in each category of the final assessment rubric.

Mock Interview

Students must do a mock interview with one of the instructors. You will be given feedback on technical accuracy, eloquence, and professionalism (style and grace).

Independent Work

  • Prework Assignments
  • BYOB

Group Work

  • Palette Picker (BE and FE)
  • Cross-Pollination Project

Career Development

The Career Development segment is made up of a 30-day action plan where you will work with your cohort mates and instructors to prepare yourself for moving on after Turing. This will be mentioned again during your week-one professional development kickoff, but you can see a general outline of the 30-day action plan here

Portfolio Presentation

On the final Thursday of the module, you will give a 10-minute presentation about your experience in module 4, Turing, and your action plan going forward. The details about it can be found here under “Module 4 (Front-End)”.

Odds and Ends

  • Classroom door code
  • Fire safety instructions

Go Forth!

Learn how to build a back-end! Be a front-end developer! Explore your passion!

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