Push Yourself

During Week 5, we have reserved 3 hours of class time for you to investigate a topic that is outside of the current FE curriculum. The purpose of reserving this time is twofold. First, we understand that there are a lot of topics that students want to learn more about - and we simply don’t have enough time to cover everything - our focus is getting you ramped up on the skills/knowledge that you absolutely need to secure a job as a junior dev. Secondly, being able to differentiate yourself from other Turing grads is an important piece of the job-hunting process. Employers want to see your curiosity and passion - and this gives you the avenue (and the time) to demonstrate just that.


Deliverable: Reflection Paper

This should be 2-3 paragraphs in length. Your reflection should address the following:

  • What topic/technology did you research?
  • What do you already know about this topic? What are you hoping to learn?
  • Summarize what the most important/significant things someone should know about your topic.
  • How can you adapt and apply what you learned from this topic to your future interviews? Your future career as a dev?

Other questions you might consider to help guide your reflection are listed below:

  • To what extend did your prior technical knowledge (on other seemingly unrelated topics) help you understand the new material?
  • What might be a metaphor or analogy for the topic you researched?
  • What surprised you about what you learned?
  • What were your roadblocks? How did I move through them?

As part of your deliverable, you are required to cite at least four sources that you used as part of your research into this topic. These can be videos, blog posts, documentation, etc.

Above and Beyond

Though not required, you are welcome to submit any of the following in addition to your reflection:

  • A blog post (can be published anywhere). Should be 4-5 paragraphs demonstrating your knowledge of the topic that you researched.
  • A small, one page to-do list application that incorporates a piece of the technology that you used.
  • An 8 - 10 minute coding/lecture video that walks viewers through the concepts/topic you researched.
  • THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! Run your idea by your instructors for approval.

Due Date

Your deliverables are due to both instructors no later than Monday of Week 6 at 9 AM

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