Final Countdown

A common interview assessment is a take-home challenge where you are given a spec and expected to complete the spec requirements on your own. The time span for these challenges vary from a few hours and up to a full week.

Completing this take-home style challenge tells instructors that you are ready to get the job and are set to be successful in your job search.

This take-home challenge is meant to be completed on your own. You are not allowed to consult others about the challenge - you can ask instructors questions about the challenge, and we will answer those questions at our discretion. Would you have each other to use as a resource in a technical interview…?


To demonstrate:

  • Professional workflow (git branches, commits, waffle board)
  • Front-end engineering knowledge learned throughout time at Turing
  • The ability to use a concept/library/framework that you have not been taught explicitly at Turing


Instructors will be around during the day to answer questions, but - like a real take-home code challenge - may not provide help through pairing, or answer all questions. Please still ask, though! When you do, form your questions the way you would ask the person who issued the take-home code challenge in a technical interview.


Due Date: Wednesday of Week 6 at 12:00PM.


We will have a quick in-person evaluation Wednesday where you will show what you worked on - this can be done for interviews when they bring you in after the challenge.

Show what you created, your favorite piece of code, what you struggled with, and what you would like to add in the future if you had more time.

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