Mock Interview

Mock Interview Assessment

You are applying for a Front-End Developer position at a company called CourseFlow that specializes in helping college students organize their course load. Users sign up for the application to monitor their grades and ensure they’re on track to graduate in 4 years with the appropriate credits. The company is just a few years old, and has about 50 employees. They foster a casual work environment, and while they try to facilitate a healthy work-life balance, sometimes working at a small company requires longer hours and more responsibility for employees.

Crushing the Interview

In order to go into your job hunt and interview process more confident, there are some things you should keep in mind.

What to Expect

  • Technical Questions
  • Coding/Whiteboarding Challenge
  • Introspective/Cultural Questions
  • Questions for the Employer

How to Communicate

  • It’s ok to say you don’t know
  • Talk about tech you’re excited about
  • Answer questions as in-depth as you’re comfortable


  • Dress appropriately
  • Be on time, but not too early



Student arrived early / on time. Student came adequately prepared (i.e. with laptop/writing utensil/notebook) and looks presentable.


The student clearly and eloquently conveys answers to questions, while also demonstrating passion and excitement for continued learning. If the student does not know an answer, they can effectively make an educated guess or gracefully communicate that they are unsure.

Technical Accuracy

Student can accurately answer technical questions through conversation, coding, and/or whiteboarding.

Technical Detail

Student is specific and detailed when responding to questions. The student gives approproate examples to support their responses. When students contribute their opinion (both positive and negative), they demonstrate they can think critically and understand different perspectives on a topic.

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