Pair / Group Dynamics Reflection

Pair / Group Dynamics Reflection

Often times in interviews, you will be asked to provide a detailed description of a time you worked in a team. The strongest interviewers are able to provide a detailed account of the project and cite specific examples to highlight wins and/or struggles. At Turing, we want you to being crafting your portfolio of “experiences” so that you can have several examples you can speak to when you are interviewing.

Please create a private gist that highlights the prompts below. Take time to provide thoughtful and descriptive answers while the experience is still fresh in your mind so that you have a collection of reflections you can pull from when it is time to start interviewing!


  • In a few sentences, explain what the project was and the scope of your work. Imagine explaining your answer to a technical recruiter or a developer who you’d potentially be interviewing with.

Overall (Choose One)

  • How do you think you did working with this group compared with groups you’ve worked with in the past?
  • If you were to work with this same group again, what is one change the group could make to work together more effectively?
  • What was the greatest challenge you had as a group?
  • How would you describe your role in this team? How often did you interact with other team members?

Technical (Choose One)

  • What was a specific technical challenge your group faced? How did you approach this challenge? What went well? What was a struggle?
  • What resources or strategies did you use when you were presented with a technical challenge?


  • What lessons did you learn during this project? How have you applied these lessons in a recent project (or plan to)?

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